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some waste materials in aruba


Aruba is a very clean country, especially compared to neighboring islands.


Based on a scientific data (sources: eXXpedition/Impact Blue Foundation, 2019/2021), Aruba has 2.52 pieces of litter per m2. This is higher than all the other islands put together (Antigua = 0.54/m2, Bonaire = 0.71/m2, San Blas islands Panama = 0.47, TOTAL other islands = 1.72/m2) that were included in the study. Top litter items in Aruba (including urban areas): Cigarettes, Hard Plastic Fragments, Paper, Plastic Food Wrapper (Multilayer), Foam or Plastic Cups/Lids.


In Aruba, we cannot do anything to solve our waste problem, especially because we have to import everything.


By switching to reusable packaging, for example, we can lower the amount of waste we produce. By separating our waste by type, we can also increase the recycling of some products, and we can also increase export of others. By these efforts to reorganize how our waste is collected and processed, and by changing how we as citizens, businesses and government use products, we can also strengthen our local economy with new jobs and more efficient use of all our resources, including waste!


In Aruba, before the plastic BAG law, we used 1 million single-use shopping bags every year.


The correct number is 30 million annually. Some believed it could have been as high as 60 million annually. With data extrapolation, the proportion used among locals was ~65% and ~35% among cruise and overnight tourists.


In Aruba, we recycle less than 1% of our plastic.


26.3% of our total waste generation is plastic. That is equal to the weight of about 3,577 elephants. Less than 1% (or the weight of 35.8 elephants) is recycled annually (source: Impact Blue, 2020).