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Waste, or what we call trash, is a global issue. It is a widely known fact that Aruba too is no different, with many challenges in our current waste management system: from waste generation, to collection, and to processing. The result is that our landfill Parkietenbos, its neighbors and surrounding environment are all under constant stress. And looking to the future, the quantity and volume of waste we generate is predicted to increase exponentially based on our current habits and lifestyles. Unless we create alternative, effective and structural solutions.

As a very first step, the aim is to close the Parkietenbos landfill. To realize this, we have identified several categories of waste streams that could be redirected away from the landfill and processed in an alternative manner. We also believe it is highly probable that many other similar opportunities exist that we have yet to discover.

The Trash2Cash Pitch & Switch event was hosted on 22-03-2022. The pitch event granted established businesses, startups and any individuals eager to assume a particular waste stream, or related waste category, an equal opportunity to pitch their ideas. An independent, experienced and diverse set of panelists were chosen to evaluate the pitches in terms of people, planet and prosperity.

Some key waste estimates include that Aruba generates:
~140,000 tons of waste/year
~66.000 tons commercial waste/year
~30.000 tons residential/year
~1.25 tons waste/capita/year

For more facts & figures, follow the Trash2Cash True or False video segments on our social media channels.

Natural Green Fighters


Starting on the 22 of August 2022, Serlimar will no longer receive tires at Parkietenbos landfill.
During the T2C Switch&Pitch Event, two companies were identified that can currently process tires.
Therefore the Government of Aruba started to plan the redirection of tires
from Parkietenbos landfill to two new collection sites where they will be processed accordingly.

You can deposit your tires at the following two locations:


Barcadera 134


barcadera 118

Tire Waste Toolkit

The Tire Waste Toolkit was created to help as a guide and to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding tire waste in Aruba